Electrical Computerised Hammering Operator (ECHO)

The ECHO project aims to commercialize a fully electrical, programmable, breaker hammer (LEH), in order to address the fundamental limitations from hydraulic breaker hammers (HBHs), as well as fostering opportunities in regard to electric transformation, digitalization and data based business in the mining industry. This novel patented technological innovation is capable of interaction in a multi-hammer setting to boost the rock fragmentation process. Compared to HBHs, LEH reduces CO2 emissions up to 100%, saves energy up to 60%, ends oil spills and excessive consumption of hydraulic oil, is fully adjustable, increases safety, lowers noise and tremor levels, provides significant life-cycle-cost savings (80000 EUR/hammer in 4 years), and increases performance and precision.

The 3-year project is led by Lekatech in a full knowledge triangle-representing consortium with Iberian Sustainable Mining Cluster, MNLT, KGHM, and Wrocław University of Science and Technology. ECHO focuses on piloting the electric hammer in three real production environments in Finland, Poland, and Spain in collaboration with global leaders in the RM sector. During the project LEH will reach TRL9, while being launched and becoming commercially available on the global market. ECHO will result in a totally new approach to the hammering process in mining and provides a ground-breaking, cost efficient, digitalized, connected, safe, environmental and user friendly solution.

Members– KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.
– Lekatech
– MNLT Innovations IKE
– Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
– The Iberian Sustainable Mining Cluster
Budget2,4 mln Euro
FundingEiT Raw Materials
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Project Members: