Operational Monitoring of Mineral Crushing Machinery (OPMO)

The project focuses on the development of a combined monitoring and diagnostic system to improve the maintenance of mineral crushing machines. This new product will lead to cost-saving extended maintenance intervals and increased operational availability. The proposed solution is based on updating existing monitoring systems, retrofitting of new components, and fusion of available data to assure high-performance data processing for reliable decision making.

The project is focused on the two types of machines: crusher and sieving screen. The main difficulty in diagnosing such machines, especially based on the vibration data, lies in the character of the industrial process itself. It involves a lot of natural movement, a lot of vibration sources, and random impacts induced by the incoming material. Solutions developed within OPMO will allow dealing with such difficult operational conditions while providing valuable diagnostic information for the staff.

Members– Tampere University
– KGHM Cuprum
– Metso Minerals
– KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.
– AmePlus
– Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Budget1,1 mln Euro
FundingEiT Raw Materials

Project consortium: