Ventilation Optimizing Technology based on 3D-scanning (VOT3D)

The solution proposed in the project is aimed at transforming the existing solution of ventilation design into one in which the actual shape of airways will be considered. The solution developed under the VOT3D project is in line with the assumptions of sustainable development as it aims at optimizing highly inefficient and energy-consuming service which is inextricably related to underground mining and tunnelling. The project addresses cost-effectiveness increase by reduction of energy consumption, providing operation of Strategic Materials and/or CRMs suppliers in a responsible way. Additionally, the reduced energy demand enables the mining companies to cut CO2 emissions immensely, since around 40% of mines’ energy expenditures are made on ventilation. This again supports the environmental and sustainability goals of the companies to actively support the achievement of climate targets.
Costs of ventilating the mine, which are rising with the excavation progression, play a significant part in estimating the profitability of mining works. By optimizing the design of a ventilation system, the extraction of valuable materials  is being made more profitable, and therefore – the deposit can be exploited to a greater extent at a sustained financial effort. This directly increases the Supply of Strategic Materials and/or CRMs, generated by a mining company.

Duration 07.2022-06.2025
Members – ABB Poland
– Fondazione Bruno Kessler
– Hovering Solutions
– KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.
– KGHM Cuprum
– MNLT Innovations IKE
– Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Budget 2,1 mln Euro
Funding EiT Raw Materials

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