Winter Robotic Olympics

Why not take advantage of the beautiful snowy weather that visited Wrocław?

Today two of our robots have been tested in conditions, that they have never experienced before. Our wheeled robot performed probably its most unusual mission ever – to carry an operator on a sleigh ride.

We have identified some significant limitations and problems to solve in order to allow robots to perform their inspection missions in, for instance, open-pit mines wintertime. We checked how low temperature affects their performance, and, last but not least -enjoyed our work a lot!

We have also discovered that spiders feel a bit lost in the winter scenery…

Mathematicians and Miners – hand in hand on the Gródek Workshop

Researchers from WUST and DMC appeared at the fourteenth Gródek workshop on Nonstationary Systems and their Applications held on-line this week to show some very useful applications of mathematics to be implemented in mining-related problems.

Among other magnificent researchers from all around the world, our colleagues have presented their research effects and interesting ideas:

  • Agnieszka Wyłomańska presented New statistical test for Gaussian distribution for platykurtic distributed random samples
  • Aleksandra Grzesiek discussed Cross-dependence measures for two-dimensional periodic AR(1) model with alpha-stable Noise
  • Justyna Hebda-Sobkowicz presented Infogram performance analysis and its enhancement for bearings diagnostics in presence of non-Gaussian noise
  • Jakub Nowicki spoke about Local Defect Detection in Bearings in the Presence of Heavy-Tailed Noise and Spectral Overlapping of Informative and Non-Informative Impulses
  • Mateusz Śliwiński – Performance analysis of new and regenerated boring crowns
  • Paweł Zimroz has shown his research on Voice detection in the sound recorded by a drone.

Our other friends from WUST, who have also taken part in the workshop sessions, ensuring a strong representation of our University, are:

  • Wojciech Żuławiński – The modified Yule-Walker method for  multidimensional infinite-variance periodic autoregressive time series
  • Piotr Kruczek – Generalized Spectral Coherence for cyclostationary signals with α-stable distribution
  • Katarzyna Maraj – Statistical test for anomalous diffusion based on empirical anomaly measure for Gaussian Processes
  • Dawid Szarek – Fractional Dynamics Identification via Intelligent Unpacking of the Sample Autocovariance Function by Neural Networks
  • Łukasz Bielak – Multi-dimensional heavy-tailed based modelling for market risk factors of KGHM mining company.

We are happy to maintain the new tradition of the involvement of mathematical minds in mining issues emerging at Grodek workshops, and can not wait until the next edition!

Meet the 2OC consortium

An extraordinary achievement of the collaboration of 57 partners representing more than 20 countries, led by Maastricht University – 2OC consortium borns!

Thanks to hundreds of hours of work of hundreds of people (including our member – Magdalena Worsa-Kozak Ph.D.) a great proposal is being created to create a digital one-stop-shop aiming at bringing cities, public institutions, businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs, knowledge centers, citizens, financial investors together to collaborate on creating multiple values for future generations as well to achieve EU Green Deal ambitions.

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