Preventive Maintenance system on safety devices of Mining Machinery (SafeMe4Mine)

SAFEME4MINE project is born to answer the needs of mine safety, thanks to the development and implementation of an innovative maintenance system on safety devices of mining machinery that will enable mining operation with superior safety performance. SAFEME4MINE will develop an innovative integrated system consisting on a platform that combines cloud, edge and IoT technologies to collect, process and report data about the safety devices of mining machinery and includes a tool-kit to be used by supervisors and technician during the inspection phases to identify most critical elements to be inspected and to report results of on-field verifications. This is a challenge to overcome because nowadays preventive maintenance strategies of this type of machinery do not consider worker integrity, although it is affecting the production and the efficiency of resources invested. Current maintenance programmes just test the functional conditions of the machinery, not taking into account employee safety.

Members– Epiroc Drilling Tools
– Hub Innovazione Trentino
– Fondazione Bruno Kessler
– Magnesitas Navarra
– Minemaster Sp. z o.o.
– Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
– Tallinn University of Technology
– Freiberg University of Technology
– Madrid University of Technology
Budget2,1 mln Euro
FundingEiT Raw Materials