ECHO consortium meeting in Poland 20-21.09.2023 

On September 20-21.09.2023, a meeting of the ECHO consortium took place at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. The list of participants included representatives from LEKATECHKGHM Polska Miedź S. A., MNLT Innovations P.C., and WUST as a host of the event. Main goals of the meeting were to present progress in both research and deployment of the Electrical Hammer.

The opening presentation began with a discussion of project status, including timelines, KPIs and reporting, as well as more practical issues. This was followed by a discussion centered around project Life Cycle Assessment. There was also a KGHM Pilot Workshop, during which other issues related to technical documentation were discussed. The firstday of the meeting ended with a dinner at the Bernard Restaurant in the Wroclaw Market Square.

The next day started with a visit at ZANAM, where the main topic of discussion was to finalize the documentation and gather additional feedback on it if necessary. What is important, the legal matters leading to the deployment of the Electrical Hammer in the Polkowice-Sieroszowice Mine were paid attention to, which resulted in a list of additional steps necessary to be completed.

The last presentation of the meeting was hosted by WUST researchers. The presentation focused on the current state of scientific publications, continued work on the hammer efficiency evaluation, and discussion on latest ideas and breakthroughs that may lead to more cooperation in future projects. This includes already published research articles and the ones that are under review. Additionally, the topic of data necessary for further experiments and direct comparison between hammers was discussed.

We want to thank every participant for spending this time with us while simultaneously pushing the project toward its final stag!