DMC is growing!

We are very happy to announce that our team has grown significantly. Due to our participation in numerous projects, we have acquired several new members.

As a consequence, we have also defined three groups within DMC team that gather people with similar areas of research and interest:

  • Analytics/Diagnostics Group
  • Geoscience Group
  • Mechatronics/Reliability Group

All of the details regarding the current structure of Digital Mining Center can be observed in the Team page. The idea of groups is not to divide the people though, but rather to identify and classify the competencies within the growing team.

3 thoughts on “DMC is growing!”

  1. Dear DMC,
    Upon this hard times I’m guessing that you considered the dangers coming from gatherings in such big groups.
    Please tell me that none of you were in high risk COVID-19 group and the rest won’t catch the morderous virus thus bringing your wonderful group to downfall.
    Any loss of such a talented scientist would be great perdition for the Science…
    Keeping my fingers crossed that you’re now hard working from homes,

    1. Dear Aankh,
      Thank you for your interest in our health, it is very nice of you.
      Fortunately this photo was taken a while ago, before the virus started spreading in our country as it is happening now. At this point, we are all working safely from our homes and so far nobody of our team exhibits any symptoms of the virus-related sickness.
      Stay safe,
      Jacek Wodecki

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