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We are proud to announce that our colleague Dr. Jacek Wodecki has just published a single-author work presenting his achievements in the generalization of a very valuable diagnostic tool used in vibration-based local damage detection, which is spectral kurtosis.

To mitigate the problems associated with the selector of such type, (namely: the accumulation of noise and other background content of signals, and its time-invariance – and in turn – its lack of adaptivity), Dr. Jacek Wodecki generalized the approach by employing a time-varying selector. Generalization of spectral kurtosis by introducing time-variance has enabled precise localiziation of impulses both: in time, and frequency domain. The selector’s performance has been proven on simulated, and real-world data, which showed its potential in increasing selectivity – crucial in highly noisy conditions.

We encourage You to get acquainted with this valuable work to be accessed by clicking below!

Wodecki, Jacek

Time-Varying Spectral Kurtosis: Generalization of Spectral Kurtosis for Local Damage Detection in Rotating Machines under Time-Varying Operating Conditions Journal Article

In: Sensors, vol. 21, no. 11, pp. 3590, 2021.

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The work presented above has been funded by the OPMO project.

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