5th Polish Mining Congress

The 5th Polish Mining Congress was held on September 06-07 at the International Congress Center in Katowice. The motto of the event was “The mining industry of the 21st century – how to search for, mine and process mineral and energy resources while protecting the climate and environment?“. The purpose of the congress was to discuss the current problems of the mining industry and the challenges facing the mining industry in the 21st century. During the congress, the DMC team presented the achievements of ongoing projects to date:

    •  “MEITIM project, and the development of future competencies in higher education in the mining industry”. Anna
      Barbara Gogolewska, Karolina Szostak, Magdalena Worsa-Kozak
    • BrineRIS project as an example of combining knowledge and expertise to expand the European lithium resource base”. Magdalena
      Worsa Kozak, Krzysztof Chudy, Izabela Kowalewska, Olga Oleksilenka
    • “Robot for inspection applications in mining – AMICOS project”. Jacek
      Wodecki, Przemysław Dąbek, Jaroslaw Szrek, Radosław Zimroz
    • “Electrical Computerised Hammering Operator (ECHO) – a new solution
      for crushing blasted materials in the mining industry”.
      Adam Wróblewski, Pavlo Krot, Radosław Zimroz, Aleksandra Banasiewicz
    • “Diagnostics and prognostics using heterogeneous condition monitoring
      data in the presence of non-Gaussian noise – application to mining
      machines. Project MOIRA“. Hamid Shiri, Radoslaw Zimroz
    • “Possibilities of 3D laser scanning data utilization for numerical analysis of
      airflow in mining excavations – real mine case. Project VOT3D. Adam Wróblewski, Aleksandra Banasiewicz, Paulina Kujawa, Jacek Wodecki
    •  “Laser-based method monitoring the progress of drilling holes for the installation of roof bolting in deep underground copper ore mines.” Paweł Śliwiński, Jaroslaw Szrek, Bartłomiej Ziętek, Radoslaw Zimroz

The 5th Mining Congress was combined with one of the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE.