DMC special session at CPSYS!

DMC team members actively participated in the XXIII Conference of PhD Students and Young Scientists organized on June 13-15 at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

The conference program focused on four thematic panels: Mining Engineering, Earth and Space Sciences, Geoengineering, and Geoinformation. DMC had a special session where Prof. Radosław Zimroz presented the team’s international projects and shortly described projects Predicon, MOIRA, and Sheng2. Adam Wróblewski briefly presented projects ECHO and VOT3D and Karolina Szostak familiarized the participants with the project BrineRIS.

In addition, DMC took part in a poster session that showed 10 posters on individual studies regarding current projects. Paulina Kujawa presented an independent lecture “The unexplored shallow water – introduction to bathymetry”.

Participation in the conference resulted in the dissemination of the DMC’s project themes, exchange of experiences, and making science and social contacts. DMC special session at CPSYS!