Saint Barbara’s Day / ‘Barbórka’

On the day we celebrate the most important of the mining customs in Poland, we would like to wish all miners good health, prosperity, and happiness!

4th December is a very special date – it is the date of Saint Barbara’s day, and the day of all miners, hence we extend our best wishes worldwide, to all the people performing this risky, tough, and indispensable labor.

According to our long traditions, celebrating ‘Barbórka’ included the essential so-called ‘Karczma Piwna’ (loosely translated – the ‘Brewer’s Lodge’) – a tavern get-together, at which mining people from fledgling students to the most respected university professors celebrated the day of their patroness in a unique way. Despite the fact that a high level of protocol applies to this gathering, the soul of fun and brotherhood is always clearly visible. Songs, witty speeches, and friendly insults can be heard during this special miners’ party. Traditional festivities start early in the morning, the participants are subjected to many challenges, and beer is enjoyed throughout the day.

To stay safe, however, still following the tradition in times of global pandemic, DMC-team celebrates Saint Barbara’s Day to a lesser extent, staying in the lab and keeping a sanitary regime, preserving a substitute for this great event by having a free day and raising toasts to the good health of all miners.


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  1. Wspanialy blog wiele przydatnych informacji zawartych w poszczegolnych postach, Dzieki Ci za to serdeczne, zapraszam takze do siebie…

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