Vacation period progress

The vacation period is a busy time for our group. Recently we were able to publish articles describing research regarding each of the EU-funded projects conducted by DMC.

Autonomous Monitoring and Control System for Mining Plants

Szrek, Jaroslaw; Wodecki, Jacek; Blazej, Ryszard; Zimroz, Radoslaw

An Inspection Robot for Belt Conveyor Maintenance in Underground Mine—Infrared Thermography for Overheated Idlers Detection Journal Article

In: Applied Sciences, vol. 10, no. 14, pp. 4984, 2020.


Preventive Maintenance system on safety devices of Mining Machinery

Tubis, Agnieszka; Werbinska-Wojciechowska, Sylwia; Wroblewski, Adam

Risk Assessment Methods in Mining Industry—A Systematic Review Journal Article

In: Applied Sciences, vol. 10, no. 15, pp. 5172, 2020.


Krot, Pavlo; Zimroz, Radoslaw

Failure analysis and modernization of high-pressure hydraulic press for drilling tubes testing Journal Article

In: Engineering Failure Analysis, vol. 117, pp. 104772, 2020.


Maintained Mine and Machine

Grzesiek, Aleksandra; Zimroz, Radoslaw; Sliwinski, Pawel; Gomolla, Norbert; Wylomanska, Agnieszka

Long term belt conveyor gearbox temperature data analysis – Statistical tests for anomaly detection Journal Article

In: Measurement, vol. 165, pp. 108124, 2020.


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