New AMICOS movie

You can now enjoy a new short movie summarising the recent effects of our work on developing prototypes of mobile inspection robots in the scope of the AMICOS project, and trying them out in various scenarios. The potential of implementing mobile robotics in the assessment of technical conditions of underground mines’ infrastructure is difficult to overestimate, but a lot of work must be still done to utilise the possibilities, which the newest technological advancements give us. In the AMICOS project, we create a fertile ground for the introduction of autonomous UAVs and UGVs in the raw materials sector to be used in smart mapping and inspection missions in the underground environment. The use-cases presented in the movie, are:

  • detection of malfunctioning idlers of a belt conveyor,
  • general inspection of infrastructure used for crushing and transportation of excavated material,
  • detection of humans with RGB and IR cameras based on state-of-the-art AI algorithms,
  • simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) performed in underground corridors,
  • creation of interactive maps with the use of data acquired by a mobile robotic platform.

In the second part of the movie, we introduce you to some other important aspects of our research which are related to introducing innovative, intelligent methods to IoT aided surface deformation analysis and alarming in case of significant movements or gas leak detection – which are crucial for ensuring safe, undisturbed excavation of valuable resources. It has to be said that the abovementioned applications are just a few examples of how robotics and IoT can help overcome challenges occurring in mining environments. To find out more we recommend getting acquainted with the research work of our colleagues and diving deeper into the AMICOS project.

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