MOIRA: Oxford meeting!

We are delighted to announce that we presented our last achievements in the diagnosis and prognosis area in the 1st Public Technical Workshop of the MOIRA program from November 16-18. The meeting was held at the University of Oxford, UK, hosted by professor  David Clifton.

The workshop highlighted developments in knowledge discovery methodologies, algorithms, and technologies, which enable data-driven plant-wide fleet monitoring, and real-time diagnostics and prognostics of complex systems. It was a 3-day interactive seminar series, during which Fellows in the H2020 MOIRA project and invited researchers attending the workshop presented and discussed their research results. Topics include time series analysis in the presence of non-Gaussian noise, unsupervised fault detection, noise analysis for condition monitoring, FMEA-based systematic and holistic analysis, time-varying patient health monitoring, and many more!

Looking forward to the next MOIRA meeting in Leuven, Belgium!