Scientists from WUST work on innovations in the processing of raw materials

As a new week began we had a guest from the ESKA Radio and a Lower-Silesian newspaper – Gazeta Piastowska, who came to ask some questions about the OPMO project. Our leader – Professor Radosław Zimroz explained how mathematicians and mining engineers work together to develop solutions making ore processing more and more efficient.

Professor Radosław Zimroz giving an interview for ESKA Radio.

Professor Radosław Zimroz emphasized how standard diagnostic procedures, used so far to assess the condition of machinery present in ore enrichment plants turn out to be unreliable – even at the stage of research and testing. It creates a demand for dedicated systems and methods to be created or re-invented with the use of the latest technologies and with the involvement of interdisciplinary scientists.

Since the cooperation of Finnish and Polish research units, together with business partners from both countries appeared to be a very fruitful one – we have been more than willing to give an insight into our work, present labs, and explain why and how we develop a tool for monitoring and diagnostics of ore processing equipment.

Source: Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

Find out more in the articles published by the ESKA Radio, Gazeta Piastowska, and on the Wrocław University of Science and Technology official website.

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